Bathroom Glass Door Hinge Repair

Bathroom Glass Door Hinge Repair

Glass doors are an important part of the washroom however they come with numerous concerns. Occasionally they fail to slide fine, though, at other times, they leave the track, which is an unsafe condition. Not only are these but there also similarly additional issues that you have to face if you have a glass door at your place.

If your glass door squeaks when you open and shut it, it may be wobbly. Not merely are noisy hinges irritating, on the other hand, they are likewise a security hazard. Loud hinges are a sign of filth build-up, corrosion, or rust, which means your door will not be able to move easily.

The Hazards of Creaky Glass Door Hinges

If your glass door hinges are wobbly, then it will not be able to bolt on appropriately. Wobbly glass doors can drop at any time, and you do not want to be having a shower if this takes place. A glass door that drops out of your shower can smash into loads of pieces instantaneous, as well as these remains and pieces of glass will scatter all over your washroom. You will be trapped cleaning smashed glass off your floor for even weeks, plus you and your family run the hazard of severe injury.

Furthermore, you will be dealing with many slicks that will make outside of your shower because of your wobbly door. You do not wish your bathroom floor to be continuously wet, because this will raise your danger of sliding when you exit the shower. Slippery floors similarly lead to fungus and mold growth.

Fixing Your Glass Door 

Luckily, there is hope for your whiny hinges. Here is a step-by-step procedure you can follow:

Step 1: Run a finger along the wobbly hinge to make sure it is fitted against the door frame. If you observe your screws are wobbly, take the help of a screwdriver to tighten up them cautiously. Do not over-tighten them, since this will bit your screw threads or twist your door hinges.

Step 2: Open and shut your door gradually to recognize where it is squealing. Typically, the squeal comes from the axis hinge at the upper side of the door. The mass of your door when you open and shut it will lead to pressure on the top hinge.

Step 3: examine the door frame, because a lot of them are made from aluminum. Grime, shingle, as well as sand, can create their path into the area between the frame and the hinge. Mildly clean out any shingle or wreckages by cleaning with a toothbrush. Take liquid soap to wash around the hinges.

Step 4: make use of silicon spray straight on the hinge, because this will move water and release any erosion or rust on steel pins. Open and shut your door numerous times till you can no longer listen to the squeal.

Step 5: use oil to the hinge and work it cautiously. Rub off any extra oil thus it does not make a slippery shower floor.

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