Bifold Door Repair

Bifold Door Repair

Bifold Door Repair

Bi-fold doors are a great way to open up your house to the outside however they have to be maintained with consistent servicing. Just like your automobile, consistent cleaning, washing & upkeep have to be done particularly in Singapore where the components of the door can get rusted and collapse and making the bi-folds drop out of position and hard to open & shut. The stylish and pioneering design of bi-fold doors is an amazing experience when the doors are functioning as they ought to be. Though, after too much or inappropriate use and lack of appropriate care, it is usual to face some trouble when using them. Thus, if your doors have stopped opening appropriately, opened to let in light wind, they will not lock, or whatsoever they may be suffering from, contact us now and we will help you in this matter.

We can revitalize your bi-fold doors by repairing or replacing the parts of the bi-fold door. We can change the rollers, pivots, knobs, locks, flush bolts, and readjust your bi-folds therefore they work easily once more.

Bad Fixing of Bi-Fold Doors

In several circumstances, the issues with Bi-folding doors can be triggered by bad fixing. In various circumstances, we see that when we are repairing that they have been bought by the home proprietor and then fixed without the proper understanding or experience of fixing these kinds of doors. A lot of the issues can be generated by bad alignment.

General repairing services for bi-fold doors

  • Broken bi-fold door runners

If the runners on the door have become scratched, your doors may be harder to open than they ought to be. However, whether you require repairing or replacement runners, we are available to help you.

  • Bi-fold doorknob repairing or replacement

Whatsoever kind of knob your doors are fixed with, we can repair or replace it according to your requirements.

  • Defective closures and washers

Defective weather closures and washers can cause breezes to come inside your house. This can lead to greater bills, though we can change any defective closures and washers if requisite.

Roller pivots, new locks, replacement finishing, door readjustment, and a lot more

On wrongly fixed bi-fold doors, it is usual for roller pivots to become broken and even fall. These doors that are out of position might likewise be a result of this, though distorting over time might cause them to emerge of position. Whatsoever the cause, we can fix these problems in addition to many, many more.

Our experience with door repair is vast, and we have conducted a limitless range of repairs. So, we are extremely confident that we will be able to fix any problems with your bi-fold doors. In case you are having any issues with your bi-fold door feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to help you out and fix your door-related issues. So, do not hesitate and call us now to get out specialized services.

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